Thousands of settlement units construction gets approved by the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved to build thousands of settlement units and towers mainly for the purpose of administrative, technical, and office use

These units are located in the area stretching from the Beit Safafa, Malha, Baqa’a, and the new industrial zone “Talpiot” up to al-Walaja village.
Last Friday, according to the settlement plan which was presented by the “planning and construction committee”, 8300 settlement units will be constructed.
Regarding to the plan, the new settlement units would be for residential, manufacturing, and commercial purpose, this will lead to a change in the parameters of the city, and expand the limits of the new industrial zone “Talpiot”.
This settlement plan aims according to the occupation authorities to complete what is called the “Construction Revolution of 2040”, whereas the industrial zone will be reestablished to a commercial, residential, leisure, wedding halls, amusement park, and towers.
This project is set to be started in 2021 and to be in operation until 2040, this project also includes the establishment of a group of public areas like gardens, indoor gardens, markets, streets, and squares.
This project includes increasing the percentage of construction in the area with proximately 5 Km, through building towers with 30 floors hight, which will include thousands of residential units, and part of them would be for teen couples and individual families, while the commercial and employment area will expand over the vicinity of 1297000 square meters.