Since the beginning of 2020, Israeli occupation authority demolished 218 Palestinian homes

Israeli occupation demolished 218 homes during 10 months period, incrementally without consideration or concern for international law and international conventions.

“B’T Selem” said, “Israel” withdrawn from official annexation, however, the demolish data points out that the current annexation is ongoing and nothing is actually changed. “Israel” continues using the Palestinian lands as if they own it, and denies any Palestinian development around the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, for the purpose of dominating more lands in the region.  
The center emphasized that the proportion of demolished Palestinian buildings raised 200% during 2020.
For comparison, in 2019 the occupation authority displaced 677 Palestinians, in 2018 displaced 397 others, and in 2017 displaced 521 Palestinian.
The report referred to the demolition of 18 tents and foundations, which were inhabited by 11 families, who together count 74, including 41 minors in Khirbet Hamsa in Al-Aghwar.
Those forces destroyed more than 30 tons of fodder and confiscated two cars and three-resident tractors.
B'Tselem stressed that the occupation had made it easier for them to implement a policy of reducing the Palestinian presence in the territories that they were planning to seize.