Jerusalem Resident is Forced by the Occupation to Demolish her House

With their bare hands, Palestinians unwillingly are forced to comply with the demolition orders, to avoid paying huge sums of money imposed by the occupation municipality.

Tonight, the Israeli occupation forced a Palestinian family to demolish their house with her own hand in Silwan town East Jerusalem, under the pretext of unauthorized building.

 The occupation forced the Palestinian family Sehir Al-Gaith to demolish her small house, after a short period of handling her demolishing warrant, local sources said.

Israeli occupation authorities threatened Al-Gaith family to pay a penalty of 45 thousand Shekels (around 13 thousand dollars) in case the occupation bulldozers commenced the demolishing process.

The occupation increased dramatically the intensity of the demolition operations in East Jerusalem in the previous months, in accordance to granting permission to build settlement outposts.