Israeli Occupation Arrested 156 Jerusalemites, Performed 17 Demolition Operations, and Banished 11 from Al-Aqsa

Israeli occupation forces arrested 156 Jerusalemites, issued to lockdown 5 citizens most of them are minors, and banished 11 from Al-Aqsa mosque during January.

The monthly report released by Al-Midan network recorded that the occupation escalated their aggression and measurements against Jerusalem and its residents, in which the released prisoner Mohammed Salah Al dean had passed away due to medical negligence while he is serving his sentence.

In the report details, the occupation arrested more than 156 Jerusalemites (most of them released after), the arrest operation was mainly in Al-Isawiah, the old city, Shifat camp, Silwan and Al-Toor, while the occupation handled dozens of summons for interrogation.

9 prisoner were recorded to be infected with corona virus, and the worsening situation of the prisoner Ayman Sidr due to medical neglect.

According to the report, the occupation issued 5 home lockdown, most of them are minors under the proper age law, while the occupation released the sick teenager Abdul Rahman Albushiti after a huge campaign in efforts to release him, and however, the occupation transferred him to his home lockdown away from his house in the Old City.

Israeli occupation issued 11 banishing orders away from Al-Aqsa mosque (most of them reached to 6 months), half of the banished are from the guards and employees of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

On the pretext of coronavirus outbreak, the occupation continued to restrict worshipers from entering Al-Aqsa except for those who live 1000 meters from the mosque, and according to the report 686 settlers intruded the courtyards of Al-Aqsa mosque.

Israeli occupation allowed for scanning equipment to enter the holy mosque, and hindered renovation and repairing operations in sections of Al-Aqsa mosque for four days, and threatened construction workers to be arrested despite some cracks nearby Al-Rahma gate had been observed, and water leakage inside the mosque prayer rooms.